Buying Diamonds Online – 5 Important Tips

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This article is written to help grooms navigate the difficult task of selecting a diamond ring. Hopefully, it offers you insights and tips to getting better value for your purchase.

#1- Get a working knowledge about diamonds – Guess where you can find a GREAT website to learn about diamonds! It looks like you already did! Everything is all laid out in the links to your left.

#2- Diamond grading reports are a must – This will be your lifeline when you are trying to compare diamonds. There are only a few different diamond grading reports that will help you when buying diamonds online. GIA, AGS, and GCAL would be the only reports that I would feel comfortable recommending when it comes to buying diamonds online.

I say this because these diamond grading labs put out reports that have a Diamond Cut Grade which is extremely valuable when buying diamonds online. Because buying a diamond online is essentially a “blind purchase”, having a proper diamond grading report will be a great tool to use in zeroing in on your diamond out of all the thousands of diamonds offered online.

There is a slight difference in how the labs go about assigning a diamond cut grade but I would tend to prefer the AGS and GCAL reports because they directly measure the optical efficiency of the diamond.

#3- Judge an online diamond retailer like you would a local diamond retailer – For a number of years I was a traveling Sales Rep for a Manhattan based jewelry manufacturer. Because I needed to visit many jewelry stores on a daily basis I ended up being able to quickly “size up” a local diamond jewelry store after visiting many hundreds of stores.

Some of the key indicators were the decals on their front doors indicating membership in different industry associations, the information listed in their yellow page ads, the diplomas / awards that were hanging on the walls, or the quality and quantity of the diamond jewelry that was in their showcases.

When buying diamonds online you will need to do a similar judgment about any online diamond retailer that you are considering. Please don’t be fooled by a lot of pretty pictures and graphics on a website.

In a matter of 45 minutes anyone could put up a website that could look exactly like the best of the online diamond retailers. It can be difficult to discern if an online diamond retailer is a small or large, new or old operation.

With a local diamond retail store is is easy to size it up and make a decision whether or not you want to go through the door and do business with them.

Pay careful attention to the “About Us” page, it can tell you a lot and read and understand all of the fine print on the “Policies” page. Don’t assume that they have a return policy! Try to stick with the big, well known online diamond retailers.

Again, because of my experience in helping many customers who were actually buying diamonds online and then being able to see their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with that experience, I always feel confident in recommending

They are a solid company that sets the standard when it comes to buying diamonds online. And if you can find anything better than their “Risk-Free Retail” policies along with being able to see the actual diamonds they are offering… please let me know!

For a comprehensive list of reliable diamond retailers, visit the following webpage for more information:

#4- Decide on your budget– If you have a clear idea of what is a comfortable amount to spend when buying diamonds online then it will help you make decisions on what will be the most and least important qualities you need to have in your diamond.

Your money will always be well spent when you try to keep the Diamond Cut as high as possible within your budget. If you keep one of the Cs really high then maybe some of the other Cs need to be lowered in order to fit into your price range.

#5- Use a credit card– By using a credit card when you are buying diamonds online it will give you some protection in the transaction. The credit card companies do give you some additional clout if you need to solve any problems if they are encountered.

Some of the big online diamond retailers are now started to offer a bit of a discount if you use a wire transfer because it saves them the price of a credit card processing fee. If you feel comfortable with the company, then you could save a few additional dollars.