Bali Weddings

订婚戒指与结婚戒指 – 区别

Robert Manse has been in the jewelry industry for over 20 years. He designs the latest trends in Silver, Silver & Gold, CZ, Diamonds and Gemstones with factory partners all over the world.

His authentic, Indonesian hand-made line of jewelry is crafted in Bali, the Island of the Gods. Each piece is lovingly created by hand and finished with the same care as the gift offerings Bali prepares daily for the Gods.

Inspired by lush landscapes and the exotic colors of the islands, Robert combines high quality gemstones, precious Sterling Silver and solid 18kt gold accents to enhance the beauty of each piece.

We asked Robert to write to us about the Balinese wedding traditions from his perspective and how his jewelry is inspired by the Bali culture.

OK, so you have decided to get married. Great decision. Now…Where shall you hold the wedding? Why not Bali, the Island of the Gods?

When you make the decision to formally wed the one you love, it should be held in an exotic, spiritual place…like BALI. Many westerners have chosen Bali as their place to get married. It has beaches, romance, mysticism and a unique, wonderful culture. The photo opportunities and overall experience is incomparable, and will be talked about for years to come.

For the Balinese, especially the Hindu, their wedding is one of the most important things in their life as the wedding ceremony is a sign or an announcement that he or she is to begin a new level of life by leaving the brahmacari stage.

The wedding ceremony begins with a Memadik process, where the groom’s family meets with the bride’s family to ask the bride if she wants to marry the groom. If the answer is yes, the bride will go with the groom to his family’s house.

Wedding Bliss In Bali

Getting married in a place that is far away from one’s comfort zone is always a risk. But really, getting married in the first place is a risk anyway, for all singletons everywhere, so why not start a life together with your chosen partner in the most memorable way possible? Why not a wedding in Bali, for instance?

Sure, there are plenty of other exotic destinations you can come up with to start your journey as a married couple. But Bali, Indonesia has enough great reasons why you should consider getting hitched in its sun-kissed landscape. And the pleasures far outweigh the risks, if you’re still hemming and hawing about it.

Whatever type of nuptials you may have in mind; whether an intimate gathering of close family and friends at the beach, or a larger reception with hotel accommodations and all the trimmings, Bali has it. In fact, it’s enjoying quite a rise in popularity among more adventurous betrothed couples, young or old.

Another fact: search engines now yield hundreds of sites dedicated to organizing weddings in this glorious nation of ever-smiling people and glorious sunsets. This can only mean that, yes, plenty of engaged couples are perfectly alright with going out of their comfort zones as far as destination and culture are concerned; and yes, it is not only the jet-setters and fabulously wealthy who can afford a Far East wedding and honeymoon package.

Of course, as with any type of wedding, you must first plan what type of ceremony you prefer. Would it be religious, civil, or a combination of both? While civil weddings or a combination of that and religious rites are the usual choice of couples getting married for the first time, the purely religious ones are preferred by those who want to renew their vows. Lots of Bali wedding packages include fees that cover the license, registration, and paperwork of both religious and civil wedding rites.

With that out of the way, you can concentrate on the fun aspects of your nuptials. More creative twists are now offered for those who want to experience a romantic matrimony on water instead of on land, for instance. Fancy a full gourmet sit-down dinner for all your kith and kin aboard a yacht?

Or how about a traditional Balinese wedding complete with petals, parasols, Indonesian costumes, headgear, gamelain orchestra…the works! Bear in mind that getting married in beautiful Bali is highly intoxicating. You might just find that you want to partake of the culture a bit more than just taking advantage of the pristine beaches and the gorgeous flora, and integrate certain traditions into your own wedding.

In fact, there have been reports of some unmarried couples who’ve merely chosen Bali to be the best place for a mini-break but have gotten so entranced by the culture that they ended up getting married there without planning to!

As for the location, there are literally hundreds of places to get hitched in. Beaches, villas, hotels, even traditional Balinese temples are available. Just let your eyes and heart wander and be captivated, and there you’ll make the first step to a life-long union that starts in a gorgeous country where sky meets sea in a haze of blue.