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Peonies, Rosebuds, and Mint: A Pastel-Hued Themed Wedding

Pastel hues and delicate blooms are hallmarks of spring and summertime, and designing your wedding around this theme can be an absolute delight. These hues suit women of any age – from the 18-year-old bride decked out in mint and blush, to the 80-year-old bride in apricot and cream – and you can find accessories to suit any taste or budget.

Choose a primary hue that you’d like as your main wedding colour, and then use complementary ones as accents. Are you in love with all things green? Choose mint or spring green as your main colour, and accent it with dusty rose, peach, blush, and cream.

If you’re a lady who loves pink, then choose a monochromatic palette with every shade of rose imaginable, and just have subtle touches of green and white around as highlights.

You can dress your bridesmaids in matching gowns, or create a living ombre effect by having them in varying shades of the same colour. Roses, peonies, freesia, and ranunculus can be used in bouquets, and you can also incorporate paper flowers crafted from sheet music or printouts from your favourite poems.

Ideal venues for pastel weddings would be botanical gardens, libraries, backyards, tea houses, and even art galleries or museums. Decorations can be lighthearted and fun, with balloons and paper garlands, or elegant and intricate – cascades of flowers, faerie lights, and such.

A pink vintage car or limo would be a great way to arrive at the locale (or to escape to the honeymoon!), or perhaps a white horse-drawn carriage that’s bedecked with ribbons from your wedding palette.

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You can take advantage of the season’s abundant blooms to create a flowery walkway out of petals, and also scatter them on the dining tables at your venue. Incorporate flowers into your hair accessories, jewellery, and even your shoes and purse to tie everything together.

Be sure to incorporate your colours into other accessories such as pastel pearl earrings, necklaces and bracelets, feathery clutch purses, soft pashmina wraps, and boutonnieres and ties for the groom and his attendants. These can all be mixed and matched tones of your chosen colours rather than all in one specific tone.

Continue the palette’s theme in floral centrepieces, stationery/wedding collateral, and even in the take-away favours: little organza bags filled with pastel mints or Jordan almonds would be pretty and budget-friendly, while miniature potted rosebushes that could be transplanted into your guests’ gardens wouldn’t just be on theme, they’d be everlasting memories of your special day.

With a spring or summer wedding, you have a wealth of fresh produce to play with as far as the menu is concerned. If you’re having an afternoon wedding, you can have a high tea with little finger sandwiches, mini salads, and petit-fours.

For a full dinner menu, sit down with your caterer and discuss the best ways to incorporate the season’s light green vegetables and fruits into the meal plan. Desserts made with strawberries and peaches would be as thematic as they are delicious.